Nothing Is So Lovely (Finishing Line Press, 2016)
Royal Crown (Wild Leek Press, 2014)

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“I Was Born Old.” Still: The Journal (Fall 2016 Issue).
“Today.” One Sentence Poems (April 23, 2015).
“Still Life.” The Pikeville Review (Spring 2015 Issue).
“Dear Seymour.” One (Issue 4).
“White Wire.” Prime Number Magazine (Prime Decimals 67.2, poem and comment)
“Clocks: No Time for a Funeral.” Eclectica Magazine (Volume 18, Number 4).
“A golden spider.” Paragraph Planet (featured September 13, 2014).
“Prince’s Self-Portrait as Memory.” Silver Birch Press (Celebrity Free Verse Series).
“The Big Picture.” Pure Coincidence Magazine (Issue 2).
“Marina del Rey,” “The Box.” Clamor (2014 Issue).
“Elephants.” RiverLit (100 Word Challenge).
“Narcissus.” Storm Cycle: The Best of Kind of a Hurricane Press (Kind of a Hurricane Press, 2013).
“Perfection,” “The Schoolhouse.” Silver Birch Press (April Fool’s Day Erasure Poetry Series).
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“Narcissus,” “The Kiss.” In Gilded Frame (Kind of a Hurricane Press, 2013).
“Tomorrow.” NOIR Erasure Poetry Anthology (Volume 5) (Silver Birch Press, 2013).
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“Take the Nearest Detour.” Dirty Chai (Issue Two: Adventureland) & Silver Birch Press (Where I Live Poetry & Photography Series).
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“Ariadne Asks Daedalus for a Map.” Eclectica Magazine (Volume 17, Number 4) and Eclectica Magazine 20th Anniversary Best Poetry Anthology (Eclectica Magazine, 2016).

Selected Interviews
Mountain Song & Story with Toni Doman (October 2019)
“Poetry lover becomes a publisher,” Smyth County News & Messenger (Vol. 133, No. 4)


Literature Reviews
Review of Adrian Blevins’ Appalachians Run Amok for James Dickey Review (Vol. 34)

Interviews Conducted
– Poetry
Interview with Douglas Kearney for Lunch Ticket (Issue 5)
Interview with Camille T. Dungy for Lunch Ticket (Issue 4)

– Music
Interview with Rival Sons for BeatCrave
Interview with Thom Smith of Beijing for BeatCrave
Interview with Robert Jon & The Wreck for BeatCrave
Interview with Brian Buckley for BeatCrave
Interview with Vanessa Carlton for BeatCrave
Interview with Joy Valencia for BeatCrave
Interview with Y LUV for BeatCrave
Interview with Jason Spooner for BeatCrave


Music & Film Reviews
As a freelance writer and editor, Butler has written hundreds of music and TV/film reviews, including a column showcasing and interviewing rising indie music artists at former online music magazine BeatCrave. 

– Selected Album Reviews
Falcao & Monashee: Fools
Bearfish: Hosta 
Madlife: Angry Sonnets for the Soul 
Courtship: Eve Remixes
Kasabian: Velociraptor
Pearl: Reflection
The Chemical Brothers: Further
Sylvia Tosun: Above All
Eminem: Recovery

– Selected TV Reviews
Castle (Seasons 3 & 5)
Glee (Season 2)
The Big Bang Theory (Season 6)
True Blood (Season 5)
Weeds (Season 6)