Nothing Is So Lovely

ISBN-10: 1944899766
ISBN-13: 978-1944899769

Nothing Is So Lovely is a collection of hard-hitting poems that explores the experiences of a young woman born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains. Candace Butler speaks from her heart and engages the reader with themes of storytelling, place, and tradition. Whether the poem is a canzone
about dancing, an ekphrastic pantoum featuring a contemplative angel, or a recipe poem with local masters, Butler’s second chapbook of poetry takes you to a place rich with music, the beauty of the mountains, and the traditional heritage of Central Appalachia.

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“Candace Butler’s poems are intimate portraits staring out at the world from the slope of a mountain; large and wild as all outdoors, yet soothingly familiar. This is work born of, as William Carlos Williams says, the ‘essential contact with the local conditions that confront us.’ Butler invites us to listen close, to attend to the black veins of coal and the white lace of chicken wire, to enter a place that we might never find again without this eager and surprising map to guide us.” –D A Powell