Website: Previous Versions of


The homepage of my website in 2010 included a low-res photograph of myself, edited to look like a polaroid. Again, HTML + CSS coding.


Another version (used sometime between 2010-2012), was an HTML + CSS-coded one-page website with blue background. I was most proud of the CSS-coded portfolio that enlarged images with mouse-hover.


My website in 2009 was coded in HTML and CSS. This is a screenshot of the “Links” page, where hovering over links deepened the yellow hue. The typeface used for my name in the top left corner is a font I created called Interlude.


This 2008 version of my website is the oldest version for which I still have a screenshot. “Inspire Me” was a blog I have since abandoned. The live-traced image was taken at Old Manse, which housed the Writing Center at Virginia Intermont College at the time.

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