Posters & Ad Package: Hungry Mother Festival 2016


This 11″x 17″ event poster for the 43rd Annual Hungry Mother Festival in Marion, Virginia is vector-illustrated and displayed in storefronts and businesses throughout southwest¬†Virginia and northeast Tennessee. The title font is A. McCluskey’s Casual Hardcore. The paddle-boarders use paintbrushes to propel themselves through the lake, a concept that combines the outdoor activities available¬†to visitors of Hungry Mother State Park with the arts & crafts exhibited during the annual festival.

I also designed matching advertising materials and web/social media elements:


Quarter-page newspaper advertisement

The quarter-page newspaper advertistment in the March 2016 issue of Discovery Magazine.

The quarter-page newspaper advertisement in the March 2016 issue of Discovery Magazine.


the profile picture for the Hungry Mother Festival Facebook page for 2016


Facebook banner

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